In-Person Worship

With great joy we are announcing that we will be offering in-person Sunday worship services again.
We hope you will join us at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. Those who cannot attend will still
have the option of attending worship via Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook Live.
Please review the important Covid-19 procedures below.

1. Weekly announcements will still be sent digitally by Pam by Wednesday of each week.
2. The worship order/bulletin will also be shared digitally. There will be no printed bulletins for worship so if you need one, please DOWNLOAD or PRINT it before attending.
3. There will be NO tissues in the pews in the sanctuary nor any tissues on the chairs in Fellowship Hall. Please bring your own.
4. To help keep everyone safe we will be keeping windows open during our service. Please dress accordingly.
In-Person Worship Covid-19 Safe Plan
We ask you to abide by the following guidelines:
1. There will be signs directing you where you are to enter and exit. Please follow these signs with the help of the ushers.
2. Access to the sanctuary will be through the ramp doors nearest the church library.
3. Access to Fellowship Hall will be through the door to the right of the kitchen entryway.
4. Masks are required. Children 24 months of age and older are required to wear a face covering. Please cover both the nose and the mouth.
5. Hand sanitizer will be available.
6. Attendance will be taken. We respectfully request that any positive COVID test after worshipping at SOV be reported to the SOV Office Manager so that those in attendance with that person can be notified immediately. The person’s identity will remain confidential.
7. We will fill the sanctuary from front to back and empty from front to back.
8. For Sanctuary sitting, you will be directed to and from your seat. We will sit only in every other pew, and parts of the seated pews will remain blocked off to ensure proper physical distancing. Ushers will show you to your seats. Please sit only where instructed (family and pod units will be seated together).
9. There will be special seats for visitors each week.
10. The offering plates will sit on a table at the entryway to the sanctuary as well as the door when exiting and on the Altar in Fellowship Hall. Please deposit your offerings in these locations depending on where you are worshiping on a particular Sunday. Please note that you can continue to mail in your offering or share your gifts via online giving.
11. Please refrain from congregating in the facility before or after service and refrain from handshakes or hugs during this time. Our safety demands exceptional care.
12. The kitchen will be closed.
13. When the sanctuary reaches capacity, we will have seating available in the Fellowship Hall where the service may be watched on the television. Please do not bring drinks or food into the sanctuary or Fellowship Hall unless necessary for medical reasons.
14. Please refrain from touching others while on the church premises. This is difficult, but to keep everyone safe, it is necessary.
15. There will be no Kleenex in the pews. Bring tissues if needed and carry them out with you. There will be a trash can by the exit for your convenience.
16. Windows will remain open and fans will be running during worship to ensure proper ventilation. Please dress accordingly.
Additional Notes
1. If you need to connect to the internet, please use your personal wi-fi—our tech team needs the church bandwidth for streaming.
2. The nursery will be open.
3. There will be no post-worship traditional fellowship time.
4. If you know of church members who do not have internet access, email, or are otherwise “technologically challenged,” please let the church office know so we can provide the appropriate information, sign-ups, etc. using traditional phone or snail mail options.

In His Service,