While some of our fundraisers are on hiatus during the pandemic, please help us continue to meet our missional goals by giving regularly and by supporting the United Methodist Women and our occasional fundraisers.

Appraisal Fair and Silent Auction

Join us on December 4 for our annual Appraisal Fair & Auction.

United Methodist Women

As the United Methodist Women aren’t meeting or holding fundraising events, we are asking the congregation if you are willing to help us pay some of our mission budget of $3,450. Our active members have contributed $1,000 toward our budgeted amount of $1,200 for our district. This money will be forwarded to our conference, combined with all other UMW organizations. The conference leaders will disburse this money nationwide to help support women, young adults, youth and children in need. We also support Camp Aldersgate, Red Bird Mission, and Aldersbridge Communities (formerly United Methodist Elder Care). Any donations, regardless of the amount will help those less fortunate. If you care to donate, please send your contribution to: Martha Bower, Treasurer, 21 Set n Sun, Hope, RI 02831.

Prayer and Self Denial
The UMW commits themselves every year to sending a donation to help change the lives of women, children and youth throughout the world. This offering will go toward educational and economic development opportunities to underserved and marginalized women, children and youth. Projects will include child development and afterschool programs: GED and ESL programs; job readiness, life skills and livelihood training; scholarships and microenterprise projects.

World Thank Offering
This is another annual donation that we make. We as an organization are rooted in shining a light on issues that are often overlooked, such as human trafficking to domestic violence, injustices like economic inequality, mass incarceration, threats to the climate, and maternal and child health care issues.

Our call to be the hands and feet of Jesus to eradicate these injustices in the world is a weighty task. But we can begin to chip away at the impact
of these injustices one person at a time. Every gift we share has an immediate impact, and we can rejoice in knowing that in every moment we have the opportunity to change the lives of women, children and youth around the world.

You can designate where you would like your offering to go, to one project or hopefully to all of the above. We thank you immensely for your generous donations.