Leaders and Ministry Teams 2022


Pastor: Rev. Effie McAvoy
Certified Lay Minister: Sandy Knapp
Lay Leader: Mary Hunter

Church Council Chair: Sandy Knapp
Church Council Recording Secretary: Hannah Bell-Lombardo
Church School Coordinator: Lisa Marciniak
Church Treasurer: Martha Ahern
Church Website Coordinator: Rob Bower
Finance Ministry Chair: John Lombardo
Financial Secretary: Pam Etheridge
Hospitality Chair: Sue Dyl
Media Coordinator: Michael Knapp
Mission Ministry Chair: Teresa Squire
Nurture/Outreach Ministry Chair: Loxi Ellingwood
Permanent Endowment Ministry Chair: Martha Ahern
Staff-Parish Relations Ministry Chair: Beth Travers
Stewardship Ministry Co-Chairs: open
Trustees Auditor: John Lombardo
Trustees Chair: Michael Knapp and Rev. Effie McAvoy, Co-Chairs
Trustees Treasurer: Greg Thuotte
United Methodist Women Chair: Barbara Walz
Worship Ministry Chair: Rev. Effie McAvoy
Youth Representative: Corey Crovisier

Committees 2022