2021 Budget

Below is the SOV 2021 budget, passed at an open Church Council meeting on January 25, 2021. The exhibit displays details for the 2021 budget alongside the 2020 budget and the actual 2020 data for comparison purposes plus the Q1 budget.

Through the first four months of 2021, Shepherd of the Valley’s financial results are a bit behind budget. Revenues for the church are $61,000 versus a budget of $67,000. Expenses through April 30, 2021 are $66,000 which is spot on a budget of $66,000. Thus, net income through four months is a loss of $5,000 versus a budgeted gain of $1,000. Revenues are lower than expected due to less-than-anticipated general giving to the church. Expenses are on budget, despite higher-than-expected utility costs. That adverse result was offset by favorable variances in a variety of expense categories. Our finances are in a modestly adverse position as we look toward the remainder of the year. Our hope is that the return to in person services will inspire our congregation to continue to give generously to our church. Our success in meeting our budget will depend on the wonderful and profound generosity of our church members. The important work of the church continues and with your on-going support we will continue to make a difference in our lives and those of others, both spiritually and physically.

The Finance Committee

SOV 2021 Budget Summary and Q1 Budget 012521

Stewardship Throughout Our Lives

Sunday, October 31st, begins our Fall Stewardship Campaign. During this 4-week series, we’ll hear testimony from members of different ages telling of the impact Shepherd of the Valley has had on their lives. We encourage you to be thinking of what Shepherd of the Valley means to you at your life’s stage.

Stewardship Administrative Notes

You can give electronically through our Give Now web page, by mobile app, by mail to the church at 604 Seven Mile Road, Hope, RI, 02831, or by electronic funds transfer (contact the office for the EFT form). All electronic giving is safe and secure.

The Give Plus Mobile app that members use to donate securely by phone is transitioning to the VANCO Mobile app this month. If you currently use EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to donate regularly, nothing changes. However, if you have been using Give+ to donate conveniently to SOVUMC’s missions and ministry (or would like to), converting over is not difficult. Check out the short video on our YouTube channel showing the steps. (Go to minute 33:30 in the September 26 service video.)