Living in Hope

Spring has arrived…not only as a date on the calendar but also in the feeling of the warmth of the sun, the blooming of flowers, and our engaging in outdoor activities after the season of winter. Between the recent rain showers I have been preparing the community garden to begin planting season after Mother’s Day. I have started some plants in my little green house dome and am eagerly awaiting the sprouting of my first tomato shoot!

In a few weeks the church as a whole will take a Saturday and work on our spring cleanup. We will take the flowers that were donated for Easter and will plant them on the church grounds…beautifying the space even more. In the days and weeks ahead we will gather as community in worship, fellowship, work, and play. We will see one another’s faces and share in the joy of being present with one another and caring for one another.

In all my preparations for springtime and engagement, I have also noticed the tendency today of people to focus on their personal needs and wants at the cost of the other. This saddens me immensely. As Christians we are called to “bear one another’s burdens” and to “support one another” during hard times. I want to offer all of us a gentle reminder that we are to do this daily…not just when we are on church grounds.

We are to engage in kindness and hospitality everywhere we go. I have noticed, as we trudge along through this pandemic, that due to fatigue and fear people are less patient, less kind, less caring, less loving, less Christ like.

My request is that we covenant as a community of faith to be MORE like Jesus. Let us look to do all the good we can whenever we can for whomever we can. Let us act with compassion. Let us work with care. Let us love boldly. Let us serve with delight so that those who wonder what it means to be a Christ follower today will see the face of Christ in the actions that we do and the lives we live.

In His Service,