November 2021

Living in Hope

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ-Our Lord and our Hope.

As we continue to be introduced and reintroduced to church staff, this month I wanted to highlight our Nursery Worker. Alix Etheridge. The term I would use to best describe this remarkable young woman would be “faithful”. Alix is eager to ALWAYS lend a hand, show up, be present, and engage our youngest congregants. The joy that they experience in her presence is palpable.

Alix’s work ethic is not just applied to SOV. She is a full-time college student with a 3.98 GPA and another job, she continues to make time for our church and its children. On a personal note, Alix is one of Xander’s favorite people. Our son is extremely shy, yet somehow Alix has managed to interact with him in ways that pull him out and makes him more interactive. To quote Xander: “I love Alix”. Xander loves her and so does all of us connected to Family Ministries.

In Love,